Trainings We Provide

Training TOD@S Provides:

  • LGBQ/T Partner Abuse, with a focus on LGBQT people of color

If you are interested in receiving a training or receiving training materials to use, please email us at: . Please include your name, agency name, contact information, description of the training you are interested in, and how many people the training is for.

Trainings our agencies provide:

The Network/La Red

  • Introduction to LGBQ/T communities
  • Introduction to & working with Transgender Communities
  • Intimate Partner Abuse Screening Tool
  • LGBQ/T Accessibility
  • SM is not abuse
  • Poly Panel

Contact for details.

Hispanic Black Gay Coalition

  • HIV & AIDS 101
  • Communicating Risk Reduction & Safer Sex
  • Organizing Communities of Color on LGBTQ Issues
  • LGBTQ Sensitivity & Inclusion
  • “That’s So Gay?” – The Impact of Stereotypes & Language on LGBTQ Communities

Contact ​ for details.

The Violence Recovery Program

  • Understanding Trauma and Recovery with a Focus on Working with LGBQT People of Color
  • The Dynamics and Issues in Recognizing and Treating Same Sex Domestic Violence
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues 101
  • Treating Sexual Violence against Men and Boys
  • Considerations for Trauma Recovery when working with LGBT clients
  • Case Based Consultation

Contact for details.

Renewal House

  • Spirituality and Domestic Violence
  • Restorative Justice in Cases of Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault

Contact for details.