Drawing of multiple rainbow-colored fists on purple background. Title reads TOD@S Collaborative - Supporting LGBQ/T POC Survivors of Domestic Violence and Abuse

When we hear the words “domestic violence” or “partner abuse”, we rarely think of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer and/or Transgender (LGBQ/T) individuals. Media and society would have us believe that people in LGBQ/T communities don’t experience the devastating effects that domestic violence or partner abuse has on one’s life.

In fact, an estimated 25-33% of LGBQ/T people experience domestic violence/partner abuse in their lifetime. What’s more, these statistics may not accurately reflect the experiences of  LGBQ/T people of color survivors. Factors like racism and other forms of oppression and discrimination, as well as cultural stigmas or taboos often make it even more difficult for LGBQ/T people of color survivors to talk about sexuality or gender identity, much less domestic violence/partner abuse.

Even as federal and state legislation has recently shifted to reflect growing support of equal rights for LGBQ/T-identified individuals, violence — from hate crimes to partner abuse — continues to threaten the safety and well-being of people of color who identify as LGBQ/T.

In recognition of the unique needs of LGBQ/T people of color, the Violence Recovery Program at Fenway Health, Hispanic Black Gay Coalition, The Network/La Red and Renewal House have partnered to spearhead a partner abuse prevention and intervention project called TOD@S (Transforming Ourselves through Dialogue, Organizing and Services). TOD@S is funded by the United States Department of Justice’s Office of Violence Against Women.