Community Voices Needs Assessment

In order to assess the needs of Black and Latin@ LGBTQ people affected by partner abuse in Boston and the greater Boston area, TOD@S developed an online community needs assessment (hereafter referred to as “community assessment”) to better understand the following:

  1. Attitudes and beliefs about partner abuse in Black and Latin@ LGBTQ communities
  2. What Black and Latin@ LGBTQ people think about the existing partner abuse infrastructure and services in the Boston area (shelters, organizations, counseling, etc.), and
  3. Why Black and Latin@ LGBTQ people in the Boston area may or may not take advantage of these resources.

The intention of this assessment is to begin a discussion among partner abuse service agencies and agencies that serve Black and Latin@ people in the Boston area, about how to meet the needs of people living with multiple (often marginalized) identities when they are abused by their partners. We have made recommendations for local service providers to better meet the needs of the Black and Latin@ LGBQT people living in Boston and the Greater Boston area based on the community assessment findings.

If you would like to take a look at the community needs assessment, please click on the link below:
Community Voices: A Community Needs Assessment & Action Plan about Partner Abuse & Services in Black and Latin@ LGBTQ Communities in the Greater Boston Area